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A tub is one of the most important elements in a bathroom. Homeowners should aim to choose a bathtub that provides them with a relaxing effect. Comfort has to be one of the top priorities when it comes to picking a bathtub.

A comfortable tub brings pleasure and creates the perfect bath experience. It’s like a bed where you can relax and float comfortably. Such a tub is super functional and it gives you an opportunity to enjoy a bath and relax after a long hard-working day. Today, we’ll explain what makes a bathtub more comfortable and what to look for in a tub.

So, let’s get started.

Bathtub Style

Bathtubs are available in different styles. Homeowners can consider alcove, clawfoot, drop-in and freestanding tubs. It’s necessary to select a tub that supports your body well.

Whirlpool freestanding bathtubs are a good option in terms of comfort. The tubs are very functional and provide an amazing soaking experience. And of course, whirlpool jets contribute greatly to the overall comfort of a bathtub.


Different materials are used in bathtubs. The most common bathtub materials include: acrylic, cast iron, ceramic, copper, cultured marble, fiberglass, porcelain as well as stone resin. Each material has its own pros and cons.

It’s widely known that the durability of a bathtub mainly depends on its material. However, the comfort of a tub also depends on its material.

Durability and comfort require different materials. That’s why finding the compromise between the durability and comfort of a tub is not always easy. So, you need to decide what’s more important for you durability or comfort.

If you are more interested in durability, then you need to consider harder bathtub materials. Bathtubs, which are made of cast iron, are more durable. They are resistant to chipping and cracks. Such tubs will serve you for a long period of time. Cast-iron tubs last more than 20 years. On the other hand, cast-iron tubs lack the comfort.

Tubs, which are made from softer materials and have ergonomic surfaces, would be the perfect choice if comfort is more important to you. Acrylic is a bath material that makes a tub comfortable.

Acrylic tubs impress users with their natural warmth and elasticity. Acrylic is well-known for its great heat retention properties. That means that an acrylic tub can hold the water warm for a long period of time. The material itself is very comfortable. It’s also important to note that acrylic tubs are easy to clean.

Sizes of a Bathtub

When selecting a bathtub, you need to pay a close attention to its dimensions. Make sure that a tub of your choice is long, wide and deep enough. Keep in mind that a comfortable bathtub has to provide sufficient support for your back, neck, head and trunk. However, a tub shouldn’t require a lot of space in your bathroom.

Every member of your family should feel comfortable when taking a bath. Give a preference to a bathtub that’s suitable both for children and adults. Such a tub would be the perfect fit.

Take all the necessary measurements in advance to purchase a bathtub of the right size. You need to buy a bathtub only if you and your family members fit well inside of it.

Tub’s Shape

Different rooms require different bath shapes. It’s also important to note that the level of comfort depends a lot on the shape of a tub.

It would be better to pick a bathtub that looks like a pool. So, you’ll find it comfortable to float in such a bathtub. It’s also important to note that a tub has to be comfortable for your neck and back. Your body has to rest perfectly.

Bathtubs come in different shapes. There are rectangular, square, oval, slipper and hourglass bathtubs. You need to pick a bathtub that has enough available space.

Square bathtubs are larger. The tubs of this shape provide more space. However, entering and exiting such a tub can be hard.

A rectangular bathtub has a traditional design. Such a tub can be installed against a wall or in the corners. This helps homeowners maximize the space in their bathrooms. However, such a tub has hard to reach corners. That’s why it’s not easy to clean a rectangular bathtub.

Slipper baths are beautiful. Tubs of this shape have a luxury look. But most importantly, tubs are very comfortable. Tubs have extended slopes that provide the proper neck support. Such a bathtub would be a good option for couples. Tubs have cutouts for arms that allow users to achieve a relaxation effect. However, slipper bathtubs are more expensive and require more space. So, they are worth considering for spacious bathrooms.

Hourglass bathtubs are designed with user’s comfort in mind. Tubs of this shape offer excellent armrest and support back very well. Bathtubs offer a lot of deck space. That means that users have easy access to soaps and shampoos. On the other hand, extra deck space makes it difficult for users to get out of a tub.

Slope of the Bathtub

Slope of the back end affects the comfort of a tub. Slope provides more room and allows tall people to fit in a tub. Slope makes it possible to take a sitting position in a tub. Obviously, such a position is more relaxing and more comfortable.

Bathtub Cleaning and Maintenance

It goes without saying that a bathroom requires cleaning and maintenance. It’s a lot easier to clean bathtubs with even surfaces. Porcelain enameled steel bathtubs are easy to clean and easy to maintain.

Tips for Choosing a Comfortable Bathtub

It’s no surprise that bathtubs are available in a wide selection these days. That’s the reason why some people find it difficult to pick a comfortable tub.

There are many important factors that you need to consider when buying a bathtub. It’s necessary to take into account overall sizes of a tub (length, width and depth), slope of a tub as well as materials of a tub.

It’s crucial for homeowners to make the right choices. Explore all of your options carefully and pick a tub that suits your bathroom design style and needs in the best possible way.

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