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Acrylic bathtubs are a popular choice of so many homeowners these days. People give a preference to acrylic tubs for a number of reasons. As the saying goes “the demand creates its own supply”. Acrylic tubes are widely available on the market today. Acrylic is a much better option compared to resin and other materials. Acrylic bathtubs offer multiple significant benefits. Today, we’ll talk you through the key advantages of acrylic tubs and try to explain what makes this material so popular.

So, let’s get started.

Acrylic Bathtubs are a Long-Lasting Investment

Acrylic bathtubs are famous for their long lifespan. It’s important to know that acrylic is a highly durable material.
On average, an acrylic tub can last 10 – 15 years. With such a tub, you’ll be able to enjoy bathing for a long period of time.
Acrylic material impresses with its strength. The material doesn’t absorb water, doesn’t chip and doesn’t crack over time.
Sheets of acrylic are reinforced and fiberglass layers are added during the bathtub manufacturing process. As a result, the durability of a bathtub increases.

Acrylic Bathtubs are Lightweight

Sheets of acrylic plastic are used for making tubs. Sheets of acrylic are thermoformed during the bathtub manufacturing process. Acrylic sheets are vacuum formed. That’s why bathtubs are lightweight.

63” Streamline N377WH-IN-WH Soaking Clawfoot Tub and Tray with Internal Drain

Due to the fact that the material is lightweight, acrylic bathtubs are easy to transport and easy to install. But most importantly, a tub can be installed on any type of floor.

Acrylic bathtubs don’t reinforce the floor. Any floor can withstand the weight of an acrylic tub. That means that homeowners can be sure that such a bathtub will not cause any damage to floors.

Cast iron tubs are heavier than acrylic ones. The average weight of an acrylic bathtub is 75 pounds. The average weight of a cast iron bathtub is 300 pounds. Therefore, cast iron bathtubs can be installed only on the floors of certain types.

Acrylic is a Strong Material

Acrylic is a water resistant material. The material doesn’t tear and wear over time. Acrylic bathtubs are crack and scratch resistant unlike fiberglass ones.

Keep in mind that a tub doesn’t fade even if it’s exposed to sunlight. So, you shouldn’t worry about your tub even if there is a window in your bathroom. An acrylic bathtub will not change its color and will not turn yellow. Moreover, a tub will look great and preserve its beauty for many years.

Acrylic Bathtubs Retain Heat for a Long Time

Acrylic material would be the perfect choice for people, who are interested in warm and relaxing tubs. Acrylic is a material that has a non-porous surface. That’s why acrylic tubs have great heat retention properties.

57” Streamline N374WH-CH Soaking Clawfoot Tub and Tray with External Drain

An acrylic bathtub doesn’t lose heat. So, water in an acrylic bathtub doesn’t cool quickly. Such a tub is able to keep its water warm for a long period of time.

However, the same can be said about fiberglass bathtubs. The reality is, fiberglass tubs lose heat much faster.

Acrylic material is a good alternative to cast iron. It’s worth noting that cast iron is the material that retains heat very well. On the other hand, a cast iron tub can be too hot.

Acrylic Tubs are Easy to Repair

Timely maintenance is incredibly important for durability of a bathtub. If maintained properly, acrylic tubs can serve you successfully and preserve their great look for many years. However, a tub may have cracks as well as scratches on its surface due to the lack of proper maintenance.

Don’t fall into despair if this happens to your bathtub! You shouldn’t replace a bathtub once you see the cracks or scratches on its surface. Keep in mind that an acrylic bathtub can be easily repaired.

The bathtub repair process consists of two steps. Initially, a bathtub has to be cleaned. A soft sponge and cleaning liquid makes it possible to get rid of stains from the surface of a tub easily and quickly. Once scratches are removed, the surface of a bathtub has to be polished. As a result, a tub will look great again. It’s also important to note that refinishing helps maximize the lifespan of a tub.

Acrylic Bathtubs are Affordable

Affordability is another big advantage of acrylic tubs. Bathtubs, which are made from acrylic, are not too expensive. It’s worth noting that acrylic bathtubs are 3 – 4 times cheaper compared to cast iron ones.

Of course, you can consider even cheaper options such as fiberglass tubs. However, the quality of acrylic bathtubs is much better.
An acrylic bathtub offers a lot for an affordable price. It’s a good option in terms of quality and price.

Acrylic tubs impress with their durability and strength. No doubt, an acrylic tub is worth its money. Such a bathtub offers a great value for its money.

Acrylic Offers a Wide Selection of Bathtubs

Acrylic bathtubs come in many different colors, shapes and sizes. So, you’ll find it easy to pick a bathtub that meets the interior design of your bathroom, lifestyle as well as your needs, preferences and budget.

There are acrylic bathtubs for bathrooms of large and small sizes. It’s possible to buy alcove, corner and freestanding acrylic tubs. It’s pretty easy to select an acrylic tub for any type of bathroom.

Let’s say that your bathroom is large and it has plenty of space. In this case, an acrylic freestanding bathtub is worth considering. An elegant acrylic tub will make your bathroom more beautiful.

If your bathroom is small and its space is limited, then it would be better to pick an acrylic corner bathtub. An alcove tub would be a good option for a bathroom with a left-out corner.

There are many reasons why bathtubs are often made from acrylic. Acrylic is one of the best bathtub materials. The material has great qualities. Acrylic tubs are durable, lightweight, easy to repair and affordable. Bathtubs, which are made from acrylic, have a luxurious look. Without a doubt, such a bathtub would be a good addition to your bathroom.

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