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A modern and stylish bathtub faucet would become an essential part of your bathroom renovation project. Today, a bathtub faucet serves not just a functional, but visual purpose as well. The right faucet will add elegance and character to your bathroom design turning this room into a comfortable and cozy space.

There is a wide selection of bathtub faucets to choose from. These bathroom fixtures usually come in different colors, shapes, sizes, finishes and materials. No doubt, you will be able to find the faucet that fits your tub and complements your bathroom design. You will be surprised to see how a new faucet can boost and refresh your bathroom. If you are just planning a bathroom remodel and still not sure which tub faucet to buy, don’t worry. Keep on reading to find some interesting and useful information that will help you make the most appropriate choice.

Take a Look at Your Bathtub

Take a Look at Your Bathtub

60″ Streamline N922ORB-GLD Clawfoot Tub and Tray With Internal Drain

The faucet you choose has to work well with the tub you have. Analyze the style, shape, color and design of your bathtub. All these factors will have a huge impact on your faucet choice. Do you have a modern or vintage bathtub? Selecting a faucet in the same style is extremely important. It will help you achieve harmony in your bathroom.

If you have a luxurious freestanding tub installed in the center of your bathroom, a wall-mounted faucet is not the option you need. In this case, a floor-mount faucet would be ideal for your tub. It’s also critical to check the number of holes your tub has for faucets. It may have one, two, three or no holes at all. If your bathtub has the holes, you can select a deck-mounted faucet. A freestanding faucet or a wall-mounted faucet should be installed for the tub with no holes. Let’s take a closer look at different tub faucet mounts to help you make a faster and better decision.

Analyze Different Types of Faucets

When it comes to selecting a faucet for your tub, keep in mind that you can select a freestanding faucet, a wall mount faucet or a deck mount faucet. A freestanding tub filler has a beautiful design and truly unique look. These faucets usually need access to the underfloor of your bathroom. If you are planning a bathtub remodel and want to install this type of a bathtub faucet, consult a professional to determine whether it would be possible. Probably, you will need a raised platform to be installed in order to provide enough space for plumbing a floor mount bathtub faucet. A freestanding tub filler would become a focal point of your bathroom adding drama and glamour to this space.


Due to its versatility, a wall mount tub faucet is the most popular choice often made by homeowners. It can be effectively used with different bathtubs. This faucet is also a good choice if you have a small bathroom and want to save some space. The only problem with this faucet is that you may find it more difficult to install and fix just because the water pipes are hidden in the walls.

Deck mount faucets are usually installed on the rim of the tub. If you have a drop-in bathtub, you can also put a deck-mount faucet on the tiled surround of the tub. Due to its position, this faucet is constantly surrounded by water. That’s why, it can be harder to clean. However, cleaning the faucet with a mild cleaner and a damp cloth will help you maintain its beauty and vibrancy.

Consider the Most Popular Faucet Materials

When it comes to the cost, design and resilience of the bathroom fixtures, each material used for making faucets has its own unique advantages. The main materials you can choose from include brass, zinc, steel and plastic.

Known for being high-quality and durable, brass tub faucets will last for many years without causing any problems. However, this faucet usually comes with a heavier price tag in comparison with the other faucets. Brass is a corrosion-resistant material. Plus, it has antibacterial properties preventing bacteria from spreading. If you can afford, a brass tub faucet is definitely the choice you should make. But if you have a tight budget, you can consider some other options.

If you need a less expensive faucet, think about buying a stainless steel bathroom fixture. Stainless steel is an alloy of iron, carbon, chromium and nickel. This material is well-known for its corrosion-resistant properties. Stainless steel is another long-lasting metal. However, it’s not the same as brass. You should also keep in mind that stainless steel tub faucet is not the cheapest option. Probably, you will have to consider some other materials if you really need to save money.

Zinc is a popular bathtub faucet material. Despite the fact that it is also a metal alloy, zinc cannot be called a corrosion-resistant material. That’s why, this faucet will have to be replaced quite often. Zinc faucet is a great option for those homeowners who are looking for a stylish and at the same time affordable option.

Plastic bathtub faucets are the cheapest faucets available on the market. In fact, you should buy this faucet if that is the only option you can afford. Plastic faucets are usually coated in metal, but still they are not strong enough to function for a long period of time.

Choosing a Faucet Finish


There are many faucet finishes you can find today. But you are likely to choose the finish that you consider more attractive and suitable for your bathroom. Polished metal is a popular faucet finish. It has a shiny look, but shows watermarks very easily. Brushed metal has a muted surface. It effectively masks water spots and fingerprints. If you don’t want to clean your faucet on a daily basis, that is definitely the choice for you. Oil-rubbed metal is another finish that some homeowners prefer. It has a unique rustic look and can create an amazing atmosphere in your bathroom.

A bathtub faucet is not just an essential bathroom fixture. It can be a true work of art that brings style and character to your bathroom. Find the faucet that suits your needs and even exceeds your expectations.

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