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Choosing the ideal bathtub is really overwhelming for the vast majority of people. There are so many important things to consider before purchasing cast iron bathtubs. The right tub can become the focal point in your bathroom adding more style and character. With the perfect tub you can completely transform your bathroom turning it into a beautiful and functional space where you will be able not just to clean yourself, but to enjoy the most fascinating atmosphere as well.

Today, there is a wide selection of bathtubs to choose from. There is also a huge choice of materials bathtubs are made of. The most common bathtub materials include fiberglass, porcelain, acrylic, ceramic, stone resin as well as cast iron, cultured marble, copper and wood. Your choice will depend on your personal preferences and budget. Fiberglass, acrylic and ceramic bathtubs are less expensive in comparison with cast iron and copper tubs.

If you are planning a bathroom renovation, consider a cast iron tub. Due to its durability, luxurious look and easy maintenance, cast iron is becoming one of the most popular materials often chosen by homeowners. Let’s dig deeper to find out what else you should know about cast iron tubs to make sure that this is the tub that can breathe new life into your bathroom and make it really stand out.

The Pros of Using Cast Iron Tubs

A cast iron bathtub is made with porcelain fused with iron. Then the bathtub is coated with enamel. This process makes the tub much easier to clean and prevents chipping. A cast iron tub is extremely durable and heavy. It will last for many years or even decades. These tubs look truly fantastic. A clawfoot model is very popular. It adds elegance to your bathroom helping achieve unity and harmony in the room’s design.


Cast iron tubs are resistant to cracking and scratching. They have been built to provide you with long and comfortable baths. Due to the fact that cast iron tubs are thick and deep, they can retain heat much longer in comparison with the other tubs. With a high-quality cast iron tub, you will get immense pleasure and satisfaction each time you soak in hot water.

If your cast iron tub is stained, damaged or just doesn’t look the way you want, it can be refinished or painted. This procedure is a great alternative to replacing the tub, especially if you cannot afford to buy a new tub in the foreseeable future.

The Cons of Using Cast Iron Tubs

Regardless of its fantastic look and durability, a cast ion tub has some drawbacks you should consider before purchasing the tub. These tubs are very heavy and may even require additional support during installation. Cast iron tubs are often installed on the ground floor. However, it is nor mandatory. You can install the tub anywhere you want in your home. Just make sure that the floor can support the weight of the tub.

Otherwise, you will have to reinforce the floor before placing the tub in order to prevent any unpleasant situations from happening.


Typically, cast iron tubs weigh 240-500 pounds when empty. Obviously, the tub will be even heavier when filled with water. The weight usually depends on the type and size of your bathtub.

Freestanding cast iron tubs are the heaviest ones. They are usually 60-75 inches long. They can hold about 82 gallons of water and weigh 385 pounds. But large tubs can weigh about 500 pounds. Alcove cast iron tubs are about 60 inches long, hold 32 gallons of water and usually weigh 320 pounds. Small freestanding cast iron tubs are 45-55 inches long, hold 32 gallons of water and weigh about 250 pounds.

There is another factor that stops some homeowners from buying a cast iron tub – the price. These tubs are among the most expensive ones. Standard cast iron tubs usually cost $1,400-$9,000 on average. However, some models may even cost more than $80,000.

Due to the inevitable exposure to water and after many years of use your cast iron tub may start rusting. No doubt, rust can make your tub look untidy. Rust may pose some health risks as well. That is the main reason why you should get rid of rust on your tub the moment you notice it. The tub rusts when the enamel cracks. The good news is that the enamel coating is usually very think and will not crack or chip easily.

Styles and Colors of Cast Iron Bathtubs

Today, cast iron tubs come in a variety of styles, shapes and colors. Freestanding tubs have gained huge popularity among homeowners. Freestanding tubs with feet look even more beautiful and elegant. In fact, freestanding tubs are not the only option you can choose from. A drop-in cast iron tub is another model often preferred by homeowners. You may also consider a pedestal cast iron tub that looks interesting and can add a luxury touch to your bathroom. The most popular shapes of the tub include rectangular, oval and slipper.


A cast iron tub can be finished in any color imaginable. So, you will be able to find the tub that fits your bathroom design and makes it look even more stunning.

Cleaning and Maintaining Cast Iron Tubs

As you already know, a cast iron tub requires little time and effort to look after it. However, you should still clean the tub on a regular basis to make it last longer. Using dishwashing liquid is one of the safest ways to clean the bathtub without doing any harm to its surface. You should just fill the tub with warm water, add the liquid and let the tub soak for about 30 minutes.

To remove stains and marks you can use baking soda and vinegar. Put some baking soda on the stains. Then pour vinegar over it. After that, scrub the tub with a sponge and rinse it thoroughly. Avoid using abrasive cleaning agents and sponges, acidic products as well as excessive scrubbing.

Adding an elegant cast iron tub to your bathroom is always a great idea. Discover the incredible cast iron tubs that will give your bathroom an entirely new look and feel.

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