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A range hood is designed to improve the quality of the kitchen air. No doubt, the quality of the air you breathe has a huge impact on your health. The poor air quality can cause serious health issues including asthma, bronchitis, nausea, headaches and a lot of other unpleasant symptoms. That’s why, having a range hood in your kitchen is crucial.

The range hood you prefer should remove the odors, cooking grease and smoke effectively. Due to this appliance, you will be able to enjoy your cooking in a safe and comfortable atmosphere. But to make sure that your range hood works the way it should, it is recommended to clean and maintain it on a regular basis.

Cleaning and maintaining this kitchen appliance is not hard in case you know what things need to be done. Always check whether your range hood isn’t making too much noise. If it is, there are may be some problems with a motor or a fan. These problems should be fixed immediately. Otherwise, the device will not be able to work properly. Let’s see what other things you should do to make sure that your range hood runs smoothly and makes your kitchen smell good.

Keep the Metal Grease Range Hood Filter Always Clean

Depending on your cooking habits, you should clean your range hood grease filter at least once in two months. This process does not usually take much time and effort, but helps keeping this kitchen appliance in a good shape for a long period of time.

First, take the grease filter out of your range hood. In most range hood models, you can remove the filter by pressing the button. After that you should wash the filter either by yourself or in a dishwashing machine if the filter is dishwasher-safe.

Fill your kitchen sink with warm water adding soap to it. Put the grease filter into the water and let it soak for at least 15 minutes. If the grease filter is very dirty, let it soak for another 15 minutes. After that, scrub the filter with a sponge and rinse it thoroughly. Avoid using any harmful chemicals or steel wool sponges for cleaning the filter. They can significantly damage your range hood finish. Prefer such household products as baking soda and dishwashing liquid for a safe and effective cleaning. Once the filter is clean, wipe it with a soft cloth. Before putting the grease filter back, make sure it is completely dry.

Clean the Inside of Your Range Hood

The vast majority of homeowners believe that it would be enough to clean just the outside of a range hood. But if you want to extend the lifespan of your range hood, you should clean its interior as well. When you take the grease filter out of the range hood, you have got an excellent opportunity to do that.

To clean the inside of your range hood effectively, you will need only a damp cloth and a safe cleaning solution. Apply glass cleaner to the cloth and wipe the range hood interior. It will help you remove the dirt. As a result, the range hood will run smoothly. You may also use acetone to get rid of tough stains. Before reinstalling the grease filter, make sure that the inside walls of the range hood are dry.

Replacing Charcoal Filters

A charcoal filter is an integral part of almost every ductless range hood. Without this filter, the range hood will not be able to clean the kitchen air properly. The vast majority of range hoods use filters that have an aluminum layer and a charcoal layer. It’s worth mentioning that the aluminum catches the grease, while the charcoal removes odors and harmful particles out of the kitchen air.

To make sure that your range hood runs smoothly, you should replace its charcoal filter every three months. However, it largely depends on your cooking habits. In fact, there are some warning signs indicating that it’s time to replace a charcoal filter. Change the filter if you notice that the range hood is no longer able to remove the odors completely. If you see grease on a charcoal filter, you should replace it as well.

Follow the manual to replace a charcoal filter in your range hood. Before replacing parts in any electrical device, you should unplug it first. Then you should remove the grease filter. After doing that you will see the charcoal filter. Grasp the filter and turn anticlockwise until the filter disconnects. Then take a new filter, put it back on and turn clockwise until you hear a click. Then, reinstall the grease filter. Keep in mind that this procedure may vary depending on your range hood model.

Cleaning the Exterior of Your Range Hood

Depending on the type of a range hood you have, you should clean its exterior on a regular basis. You will definitely agree that a wall-mount range hood is a nice addition to your kitchen. It is a valuable design element that brings a sense of style and character to your kitchen space. So, keeping it beautiful and shiny is extremely important.

In fact, cleaning the outside of a range hood is a quick and easy process. For this purpose, you should mix warm water with a mild soap. After that, pour this solution into a spray bottle. Apply the solution to remove the dirt and grease. Use a microfiber towel to wipe down the surface of the range hood to achieve even better results. For stubborn stains, use the mixture of vinegar and baking soda.

Do not forget to clean all buttons and knobs. Using a damp cloth would be enough to do that. But if the buttons are hard to reach, use a cotton swab to achieve better results. Once the cleaning process is over, use a dry cloth to prevent water spots. To give your range hood a more stunning look, you can also use a stainless steel polish.

Follow these simple tips to keep your range hood clean. It will help you enjoy its effective work for many years to come.

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For people who want to keep their kitchen air clean, buying a range hood is definitely the right choice. A range hood will remove odors, dirt particles and grease from the air in your cooking area and provide you with great cooking and dining experiences.

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